For more than 2 decades, Chef Zipora Einav has traveled the world preparing exquisite, flavorful meals for her high-end clients. She uses food to empower individuals and families to embrace a healthy lifestyle that satisfies the mind, body, and spirit. Beyond healthful food, she is the only chef in the world who incorporates high-vibrational music into her food preparation, deeply inspiring and satisfying her clients with an experience they can’t get anywhere else. In addition to creating recipes and food concepts as an entrepreneur, Chef Zipora is the author of Recipe for a Delicious Life: Discover the Perfect Blend of Food & Music to Stimulate Your Appetite for Lasting Health, Harmony & Joy. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, traveling extensively to cook for her clients in their homes and event venues.

You Know What is Cuisine Vibe™?

Healthy eating is tasteful eating. Chef Zipora’s food does more than nourish your body. It nourishes every cell and atom of your being. She creates a spiritual, emotional, high-vibrational experience that incorporates all of the senses known as Cuisine Vibe TM . This is not just food prepared with excellent technique, or the finest, freshest ingredients. This is food that gives you vitality.

Whether she is cooking for 4 or 400, she goes beyond the realm of the typical personal chef to bring an intimate, unique experience to your kitchen or event that you and your guests have never experienced before.

We all take on the energy of the people who prepare our food.

Are you taking on the highest vibrations of love, creativity, and passion?

Chef Zipora is the celebrity chef who brings one-of-a-kind experiences to the gatherings, parties, retreats, and meetings where she cooks. She’s world-renowned as the only chef anywhere who uses high-vibrational music to enhance the food she cooks, creating a new paradigm, which enhances the quality of life for the people who get to experience it. Throughout human history, music has had the unique power to transform us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Classical, high-vibrational music arouses positive emotions, relaxes the mind, and purifies the soul. Throughout human history, music has had the unique power to transform us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Classical, high-vibrational music arouses positive emotions, relaxes the mind, and purifies the soul. Author, entrepreneur, and recipe creator Chef Zipora transfers these benefits of music – the same benefits as meditation – to the people she cooks for through her food. They experience reduced stress and anxiety, more self-awareness, and a sense of calm that they never attained through food before. That’s because Chef Zipora uses a secret ingredient, which is high-vibrational music, to transform your life through the food you eat.

Happy Clients

Chef Zipora’s clients include A-list Hollywood celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Pierce Brosnan, business moguls, and top names in the food and lifestyle industries. Chef Zipora is an excellent chef and an extremely diligent worker. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to any perspective client.”

Mariah Carey

“Chef Zipora’s outstanding meals contributed to my husband and I reaching our weight loss goals. With the assistance of Chef Zipora, my husband reported to training camp at his target weight. Her diet also increased our energy levels. Chef Zipora also took it upon herself to encourage healthy eating habits in our children. As a family, we were very impressed by Chef Zipora’s tasty meals. Her talents and professionalism are second to none.”

Donovan McNabb’s wife, Raquel Nurse

“Since Chef Zipora’s arrival, we have as a household and as a production team enjoyed delicious and diverse meals, that are always unbelievably light and nutritious. Her artistry as a chef is unsurpassed by any I have had before in that she is constantly preparing new concoctions that are all her own. Zipora is professional and sensitive to an individual’s needs. With a tour approaching and the completion of this album, it is important that I am at the highest level of fitness and health, and in every way Zipora has seen to it that I reach this goal.”


“Of the hundreds of spas I’ve visited as a travel editor of ‘Shape Magazine’,

never in my life have I tried such incredible and healthy spa cuisine.”

Carol Jacobs, Travel Editor for Shape Magazine

“We’ve just spent the last couple of days enjoying her meals and what’s incredible is that she’s connected to not just eating the food but connected with the vibration of the food combining the high vibes of music and food together for a chemical reaction for all your senses. It’s music to my ears and my tastebuds. And I can promise you that anyone who’s going to hire her or work with her is going to bring a very unique experience to their kitchen, their parties, and their events. So thank you, Chef Z.”

Dr. Steven Schwarz

“I hired the most amazing person in the world to cook the food for my attendees and her name is Chef Zipora. Chef Zipora has added so much value to my event. I have been to literally thousands of events over the last 10 years. And this is the first time out of thousands that I have seen such exquisite food, love, meals, attention. She can cook for 5 people. She can cook for hundreds. Chef Zipora is someone you are going to want to hire for your events, your retreats, for your special dinners with your loved one. Chef Zipora takes energy, vibration, frequency and cooks with it and brings the love and merges it with our food. You can taste it in the food. I just can’t thank Chef Zipora enough for making my retreat go so awesome.”

Tasha Cooney, Founder of iDesign Destiny Retreats

“I have never had a celebrity chef at an event before but she was awesome. She primarily does FRESH food. That’s very important to me. I like everything organic. So the food tasted on point. She did a lot of Mediterranean, which is awesome. And her personality is so warm. Honestly, we all felt the love and that came out in the food, and it made it taste better.”

Liz Carpenter

“I just finished a fabulous retreat, and we were so blessed to have Chef Z fill out stomachs and our hearts with the love of the food. She’s not just a chef. This lady comes with so much grace. She made sure everybody was happy. She made sure the food was on time even though I was late. She made sure it was yummy and delicious and nutritious and high vibration. It was amazing. There are no words to describe her beauty within that comes out in her food.”

Michal Mael, Founder and CEO, Michal and Company and Rock Our World

“You talk about cooking with love from the heart and energizing the food. When it comes from the heart, it goes to the heart. Chef Z prepares the most amazing food. When you taste it, you feel it, and it comes from a heart-centered base of love.”

Celeste Giordano, Master Sales Strategist and Business Consultant