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For more than 2 decades, Chef ZiporaEinav has traveled the world preparing exquisite, flavorful meals for her high-end clients. She uses food to empower individuals and families to embrace a healthy lifestyle that satisfies the mind, body, and spirit. Beyond healthful food, she is the only chef in the world who incorporates high-vibrational music into her food reparation, deeply inspiring and satisfying her clients with an experience they can't get anywhere else.



Our Experience

Chef Zipora’s outstanding meals contributed to my husband and I reaching our weight loss goals.

Our Experience

Chef Zipora plans menus and prepares meals in the homes of her high-end clientele, both hosting dinner parties, holiday meals, and date nights,

Our Experience

“We’ve just spent the last couple of days enjoying her meals and what’s incredible is that she’s connected to not just eating the food

What is

Cuisine Vibe™? You Know

Healthy eating is tasteful eating. Chef Zipora’s food does more than nourish your body. It nourishes every cell and atom of your being.

She creates a spiritual, emotional, high-vibrational experience that incorporates all of the senses known as Cuisine Vibe™. This is not just food prepared with excellent technique, or the finest, freshest ingredients. This is food that gives you vitality.

Give your family the best...

Without the stress.

As a busy professional, you don’t have time to prepare healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals for you and your family night after night.

You might end up scrambling at the last minute, trying to put a meal together. Or because you are tired and hungry, you end up ordering fast food, which is convenient, but not the best choice for your health or waistline.


In-Home Private Chef Services / Weekly Meal Prep ABOUT

“I don’t believe in deprivation; well-chosen food, prepared with Passion in the Right Environment, make the body dance and the cells sing.”

As a professional, you get busy and have no time to prepare healthy, delicious, home-cooked meals for you and your family. You are concerned with what to have for dinner “tonight.” You are tired and hungry and you end up ordering fast food, which is convenient, but not great on the waistline and your heart health. My dogs Lucy and Lucas have a private chef too—me. Food for dogs is available as well.

You and Your Family Deserve Better!


You hire me as your personal chef and allow me to take care of your food needs.

First, you call me to set a free personal meeting. We will schedule to explore together your goals, needs, likes and dislikes, any dietary needs, preferences, and more. To this meeting I will bring with me some of my culinary delights as my gift to you.

Then if everything goes well and you decide to hire me as your personal chef, we will choose a day for me to come to your kitchen and prepare five delicious dinners. (Most of my clients are not home when I cook. They are working. Also, some people like me to come 2-3 time a week.) I will put the prepared dinners in containers, label them and leave you heating instructions.


  • In only 15-20 minutes, your dinner is ready for you and your family.
  • Your dinner is tailor-designed for you and each member of your family.
  • You get up from the table energized and feeling refreshed. You feel good.
  • The whole family sits together, which is important to the family dynamic and intimacy.
  • You have EXTRA time to play with your kids and help them with their homework, and time to spend with your loved ones.
  • You have more time for what is most important to you.
  • No shopping, no chopping, no cleaning.
  • The food tastes good, and you and your family enjoy it together.


To schedule your free appointment with Chef Zipora,

please call 480-776-7489, or Email to ziporachef@zipora.com

Happy Clients

Testimonials Clients

"Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have Chef Zipora cook for me on a weekly basis. She would make five meals for two people each. In that entire year she only duplicated recipes that I requested. Her creativity, her selection, and the cuisine is beyond extraordinary. As a single professional, Chef Zipora beautifully fulfilled a need in my life—to have healthy and delicious food on demand. And her approach of harmonizing recipes with classical music to create a higher vibration resonates with me.

Beyond her amazing cooking, I had the opportunity to get to know Chef Zipora. She is funny, humble, extraordinarily trustworthy, and a person I am honored to call a friend. I would highly recommend her—she is a life changer"
A.J. Mitchel, Esq.
Law Office of A.J. Mitchel, PLC