Experience the highest vibrations of love, creativity, and passion as Pioneering Chef Zipora cooks for you and your guests. Experience

As the only chef in the world who infuses high vibrational music in her cooking, freelance celebrity private Chef Zipora Einav is flown all over the world to provide her one-of-a-kind experiences to the gatherings, parties, retreats, and meetings where she cooks. She offers both private chef services and atering for intimate parties, retreats, and special events.

Raise Your Vibration with an Experiential Event raise

Host a unique, unforgettable demonstration and dinner for your VIP guests at your next retreat, corporate event, or intimate gathering. Chef Zipora will cook with the benefit of high vibrational music, entering a meditative state where she can intuitively serve the souls’ conscious and unconscious needs for you and your guests. You’ll be forever changed by this transformative, energy-shifting, consciousness-altering experience as your vibration is raised.

“We’ve just spent the last couple of days enjoying her meals and what’s
incredible is that she’s connected to not just eating the food but connected
with the vibration of the food combining the high vibes of music and food
together for a chemical reaction for all your senses. It’s music to my ears
and my tastebuds. And I can promise you that anyone who’s going to
hire her or work with her is going to bring a very unique experience to their
kitchen, their parties, and their events. So thank you, Chef Z.”

–Dr. Steven Schwarz

What is High Vibrational Music? And What Does it Bring to Food? music

High vibrational music with special frequencies is considered by musicologists and scientists to have a positive effect on the mind and body.

The ancient solfeggio scale has a 9-tune scale. Its frequencies are mathematically consistent with the patterns of our universe and have been shown to have significant healing abilities – everything from repairing emotional trauma, opening up our consciousness, deepening our relationships, to even
altering our DNA.

Listening to this music is one of the ingredients in my food. The people who eat food prepared this way get the full benefits – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – just as a chef’s mood and state of being always transfer to the people who eat their food.

The 9 Frequencies of the Solfeggio Scale Frequencies

  1. 174 hertz (Hz): Relieving pain, physically and energetically; giving our internal organs a greater sense of security and comfort.
  2. 285 Hz: Improving our health and overall wellbeing by regenerating our mind and energy levels.
  3. 386 Hz: Turning guilt and fear into joy.
  4. 417 Hz: Undoing situations and facilitating change.
  5. 528 Hz: Transformation, miracles, and DNA repair.
  6. 639 Hz: Reconnecting and balancing relationships.
  7. 741 Hz: Solving problems, expressions, and solutions.
  8. 852 Hz: Awakening intuitions and returning to spiritual order.
  9. 963 Hz: Taking us to the highest plane of consciousness. Connecting with the perfection of the universe, allowing us to tap into the oneness that permeates everything that is and will be. This frequency is linked to the pineal gland, which controls the nervous system. It is said we can access high-level intuition, telepathy, psychic vision, and intimate connection with the universe.

Simplify Your Life with Private Chef Services life

Chef Zipora plans menus and prepares meals in the homes of her high-end clientele, both hosting dinner parties, holiday meals, and date nights, as well as regularly managing their kitchens and providing meals to ensure the daily wellness of clients’ families.

“Chef Zipora’s outstanding meals contributed to my husband and I
reaching our weight loss goals. With the assistance of Chef Zipora, my
husband reported to training camp at his target weight. Her diet also
increased our energy levels. Chef Zipora also took it upon herself to
encourage healthy eating habits in our children. As a family, we were very
impressed by Chef Zipora’s tasty meals. Her talents and professionalism
are second to none.”

–Donovan McNabb’s wife, Raquel Nurse

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