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"Ms, Einav demonstrated her extraordinary ability in the kitchen. Zipora was a great help and performed her duties admirably ".

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hope
An American comedian, Actor and singer

“Chef Zipora outstanding meals contributed to my husband and I reaching our weight loss goals. With the assistance of chef Zipora my husband report to training camp at his target weight. Her diet also increased our energy levels. Chef Zipora also took it upon herself to encourage healthy eating habits in our children. As a family, we were very impressed by chef Zipora tasty meals. Her talents and professionalism are second to none,".

Mr. and Mrs. Donovan McNabb
NLF football Quarterback “Philadelphia Eagles" and “Washington Redskins"


“Chef Zipora is an excellent chef and an extremely diligent worker. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to any perspective client.”

Mariah Carey
Chef Zipora was Ms. Mariah Cary private chef during her world tour.

“Since chef Zipora arrival we have as a household and as a production team enjoyed delicious and divers meals, that are always unbelievable light and nutritious. In the time she has worked for me. I do not recall a repeated meals; her artistry as a chef is unsurpassed by any I have had before in that she is constantly preparing new concoctions that are all her own. Zipora is professional and sensitive to an individual’s needs. With a tour approaching and the completion of this album, it is important that I am at the highest level of fitness and health, and in every way Zipora has seen to it that I reach this goal".

English soul and R&B singer Songwriter

“My husband and I are still having dreams about your roasted pepper soup! Of the hundreds of spa I've visited as a travel editor of "Shape Magazine", never in my life have I tasted such incredibly and healthful spa cuisine, it was so gorgeous I almost hated to eat it until I tasted it. Then, I could not stop! In fact Tom said he has never seen me eat so much in one sitting! Yet when I got home from the weekend stay, my clothes felt looser than ever"

Caro Jacobs
Articles/adventure travel editor - "Shape Magazine"

“Over the last year, I have been fortunate enough to have Chef Zipora cook for me on a weekly basis. She would make approximately four (4) meals for two people each. In that entire year, she only duplicated recipes that I requested. Her creativity, her food selection, and the cuisine is beyond extraordinary. As a single professional, Chef Zipora beautifully fulfilled a need in my life –to have healthy and delicious food on demand. And, her approach of harmonizing recipes with classical music to create a higher vibration resonates with me. She even made a wonderful, romantic, and lovely Valentine’s Day meal that will be remembered always. Beyond her amazing cooking, I had the opportunity to get to know Chef Zipora. She is funny, humble, extremely trustworthy, and a person I am honored to call a friend. If anyone is considering using Chef Zipora, I would highly recommend her – she is a life changer.".

A.J. Mitchell, Esq
Law Office of A.J. Mitchell, PLC

“Chef Zipora Is connected to not just Eating the Food but connected with the vibrations of the Food. Combining the high vibe of food and music together create chemical Action and Reaction for all your census. 
I work with Therapeutic Music and knowing that Chef Zipora exist is music to my ears and to my taste buds . and I will Guarantee that anybody that will hire her or Work with her will experience Unique experience. "

Dr. Stevan Shwartz

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